Construction<br>& Industrial flooring

Work anywhere, in any conditions, with heavy-duty composite construction mats for oil & gas, T&D and other industrial applications.

Events<br>& Entertainment flooring
Your Venue

Create an extraordinary event from the ground up with flooring systems, accessways, decorative carpets and turfs, portable dance floors, and fencing for any event.

Stadiums<br>& Arenas flooring
Your Turf

Maximize the utilization of your facility with fast installing turf protection, engineered for a safe and stable flooring system that protects natural and artificial subsurfaces.

Military<br>& Disaster Relief flooring
Ready For

Deploy safe and rugged flooring systems at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world for your military, humanitarian, and disaster relief programs.

Signature Systems Group is a global leader in the design and manufacture of composite matting and unique flooring systems used in industries around the world.

Our Products

Signature Systems Group manufactures a wide range of composite matting and flooring systems that are designed and engineered for fast installation, long dependable life, and versatility to increase the utilization of your property and the productivity of your operation.

Composite Mats

The strongest composite mats in the world to keep you working in any conditions.

Turf Protection

Versatile flooring systems to protect natural and artificial turf, providing stable subflooring for any event.

Carpet & Turf

Fast-installing carpet and turf solutions to transform any venue into a world-class event.

Dance Floors

California Portable Dance Floors have been the preferred choice for quality and durability over 50 years.

Our Company

Signature Systems Group is a pioneer in engineering and manufacturing high performance composite matting solutions that help our customers increase operating efficiencies and profitability.

With more than 20 years of experience supporting large international events and construction projects, we understand your needs and we have the products to help you grow your business.

About Us

Customer Focused

Quality, service and integrity
in all we do.

Advanced Engineering

Stronger products designed for
faster installations.

Deep Market Knowledge

Industry experience and
understanding of customer needs.

Sustainable Products

Longer lasting, reusable and
better than wood.

Our Customers

Exxon Mobil
US Army
American Energy Partners
London Olympics
PGA Tour
What We Do

What We Do

Explore our wide range of products and applications with this interactive map.

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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Learn about the advantages of composite matting versus wood.

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Featured Events

Featured Events

See some of our most interesting and unique applications from around the world.

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