Environmental Remediation

Protect the Earth with Access Mats and Portable Roadways for Environmental Remediation

Signature Systems matting creates fully connected temporary access roads and working platforms for environmental cleanup efforts. Signature’s matting systems can support extreme weights up to 600 psi, to allow diggers, dozers, and heavy equipment easy access to the most remote sites.

Signature composite mats are made from a non-absorbent proprietary blend of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Traditional wooden mats absorb contaminants that can pollute other sites, which relegates them to one-off usage for remediation. Signature mats may be completely cleaned, decontaminated and reused for many years.

Signature Advantages

  • Strong composite matting in a range of sizes and weight capacities.
  • Fast installation to reduce labor costs.
  • Overlapping flange and interlocking pins provide fast, secure connections.
  • Durable long life for a profitable return on investment.
  • Environmentally stable and reusable.

Access Solutions for Environmental Remediation

Temporary Roadways

Temporary Roadways

Use Signature Systems’ composite mats to create temporary roadways that protect environmentally sensitive grounds. Manufactured from non-porous High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Signature mats can be decontaminated and reused for multiple projects. Signature roadways support weights up to 600 psi, and can be layered to increase strength or height for traversing marshy areas.

Staging Areas

Staging Areas

Create working platforms and material staging areas for environmental clean-up projects with a strong, safe work surface for workers, equipment and vehicles. Signature composite mats are more environmentally friendly and stronger than traditional wood mats.  Wash them and reuse them for maximum return on investment.

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