Heavy Haul / Cranes

Establish Extreme Weight Bearing Capacity with Fast, Easy Installation

Transporting extra heavy or large loads over unpaved ground or unsuitable roadways requires a carefully coordinated operation and advanced engineering. Signature Systems’ heavy haul composite matting meets safety standards and supports extreme weight loads up to 600 psi. Mats can be layered if additional support is needed.

Protect cargo by providing a strong, fully interlocked portable roadway that will not damage the ground beneath it. Mats may be laid quickly in place with a forklift and then removed and moved to the next position. Heavy haul mats are also used to reinforce paved roads, helping to avoid expensive damage and repairs.

Signature Advantages

  • Strong composite matting with weight capacities up to 600 psi.
  • Fast installation to reduce labor costs.
  • Overlapping flange and interlocking pins provide fast, secure connections.
  • Durable long life for a profitable return on investment.
  • Environmentally stable and reusable.

Signature Systems Heavy Haul Mats

Temporary Roads and Access for Heavy Haul Applications

Temporary Roadways

Temporary Roadways

Use Signature Systems’ composite mats to create heavy-weight bearing temporary roadways or to reinforce existing roads for heavy haul usage. A strong, overlapping flange and cam lock connection system prevents differential movement between mats to provide a reliable and stable surface that diffuses ground pressures associated with heavy haul loads.

Ground Protection

Ground Protection

In addition to providing access over rough terrain, Signature heavy-haul mats will prevent damage to stone, asphalt, and other expensive surfaces. Sites are returned to their original state after removal of Signature composite matting systems.

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