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The Oil and Gas Industry’s #1 Rig Mat System

Signature Systems Group’s composite matting is preferred by the oil and gas industry because of its proven engineering, advanced innovations, and strong versatility. Used as rig mats, access mats, working platforms and temporary roadways, Signature composite mats provide strong, stable surfaces over any terrain in any climate, with load capacities up to 600 psi.

Oil and gas exploration and extraction sites are usually in remote areas subject to extreme climates and tough ground conditions from sand to swamp to mud. Create a solid working platform and base station flooring for remote work sites with Signature Systems’ strong, durable construction mats.

The overlapping flange design facilitates rainwater runoff while the integrated connection system prevents drifting and separation under heavy rolling loads. The cross-hatch traction pattern provides multi-directional slip protection for boots and vehicles. Signature Systems’ oil field mats stabilize the heaviest drilling equipment while minimizing damage to the existing environment.

Signature Advantages

  • Strong composite matting with weight capacities up to 600 psi.
  • Fast installation to reduce labor costs.
  • Overlapping flange and interlocking pins add strength and prevent contamination.
  • Durable long life for a profitable return on investment.
  • Environmentally stable and reusable.

Access and Platform Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Temporary Roadways

Temporary Roadways

Signature Systems’ oil field matting can be used to create portable roads and access ways to drill sites in remote areas without costly road-building efforts. Especially useful over unstable ground conditions, Signature’s composite mats can extend the drilling season by allowing access into non-paved areas.

Working Platforms

Working Platforms

Speed up drilling site preparation while eliminating the need to use gravel and ensure speedy site remediation. With the cost of a typical drill rig rental exceeding $30,000 per day, Signature rig mats accelerate site access and usability, saving drillers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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