Trenching & Shoring

Provide a Stable Base for Trenching and Shoring Applications

Signature Systems Group’s trenching and shoring mats provide safe access roads and sturdy working platforms for equipment and workers. The ground around trenches can become destabilized, but Signature shoring mats will ensure that your equipment has a safe footing. Signature mats have strong, interlocking connections on all four sides, preventing them from separating.

Signature Systems’ trenching and shoring mats are ideal in wet environments because they will not warp, rot, rust or delaminate.

Signature Advantages

  • Strong composite matting in a range of sizes and weight capacities.
  • Fast installation to reduce labor costs.
  • Overlapping flange and interlocking pins provide fast, secure connections.
  • Durable long life for a profitable return on investment.
  • Environmentally stable and reusable.

Strong Composite Mats for Trenching & Shoring

Access Mats

Access Mats

Use Signature ground mats to create temporary roads that allow heavy trucks and equipment to access trenching or shoring sites without damaging the environment. Vehicles can safely navigate roadways that run alongside trenches as the mats prevent differential movement.

Working Platforms

Working Platforms

Build working platforms along trenches with Signature mats to provide equipment with stable footing and protect the ground from unnecessary damage. Signature trenching and shoring mats can handle the extreme rolling pressure of cranes and excavators and work well with tracked vehicles.

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