Instant Roadway and Ground Protection System

Create instant portable roadways for vehicles and protect turf and lawns from equipment rutting with DuraDeck®, composite mats.Use DuraDeck to bring trucks into an event site, transport equipment over soft ground, to provide a firm, dry support base for all types of tents or as a pedestrian walkway.

Strong Composite Matting that Can Be Reused on Many Jobs for Many Years

DuraDeck is a unique molded HDPE plastic mat that is durable, lightweight, and very strong. Mats can support weights up to 80 tons. DuraDeck is engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surfaces, while providing a firm support base and traction for numerous construction activities. DuraDeck mats (86 lbs. ea.) can be carried by one or two persons and positioned easily without special tools on any job site.

DuraDeck ground protection mats are manufactured in the United States and are chemical and weather resistant with UV inhibitors that virtually eliminate fading and degradation. Each 4 ft. x 8 ft. mat is rigid, yet flexible to withstand heavy equipment without cracking or breaking.

Attractive 2-Sided Traction Pattern

Each DuraDeck panel features an attractive tread pattern to provide traction. DuraDeck comes standard with a rugged traction pattern for heavy equipment on one side and a pedestrian-friendly, non-slip tread design on the other side.

Fast, Easy Installation

Mats can be installed using two people, do not require tools for installation and are safe to handle without splinters, nails, or chemicals. Mats lock in place using connector links to form a continuous solid roadway or working platform.

Better than Plywood

DuraDeck can be laid flat on the ground or raised up on stringers. This enables the system to be used in place of conventional plywood sheets but without the problems associated with wood. DuraDeck is more economical, supports much more weight, will not warp, rot, crack, delaminate, or absorb water and contaminants. These mats are easy to clean and can be reused for many years.

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