Medium-Duty Tent Flooring and Turf Protection System

UltraDeck medium-duty indoor/outdoor event flooring system is engineered to provides access, surface protection, and decorative enhancement for large-scale tents and special events such as concerts, festivals. UltraDeck is the perfect alternative to traditional costly built-up wooden floors, staging and decking, and is designed to provide a rigid and uniform feel for upscale, high-end events like weddings and galas. With fast installation and dismantle times, easy cleanup and reuse for many years, Signature’s event flooring provides a significant return on investment.

UltraDeck is available in two different models, UltraDeck 1 and UltraDeck 2. UltraDeck 1 (EDU1) has top drainage holes, allowing water and ventilation to penetrate making it ideal for natural turf fields. UltraDeck 2 (EDU2) has a smooth top (without drainage holes) making it ideal for synthetic turf fields, indoor areas and concrete or asphalt surfaces.

UltraDeck1 (EDU1) offers superior natural turf protection
UltraDeck1 is designed to minimize wear, surface abrasion, base compaction, and contamination of turf as a result of attendee traffic during special events such as concerts and festivals. UltraDeck’s underside channels are contoured to eliminate sharp edges and to prevent possible damage or cutting of sensitive grass

UltraDeck2 (EDU2) offers superior natural turf protection
UltraDeck 2 is specifically engineered to provide optimal synthetic grass protection during on-field events and to minimize wear and tear. UltraDeck2 is perfect for turf manufactured by all of the industry leaders, including FieldTurf, Sportexe, Astroturf and Mondo.

Fast, Easy Installation

Signature Systems’ proprietary floor design enables UltraDeck to be positioned into place using feet only, eliminating the need to bend over or use any tools. Once positioned, connectors are lined up and ready for snap down connection. This industry leading feature proves invaluable for large installations and saves labor, time and effort. UltraDeck ships in pre-assembled 3’ x 4’ sheets for faster installs and dismantles. On average, a 20 ft. x 20 ft. floor can be installed in 20 minutes with two people.

Innovative Engineering Design for Large Scale Events in Rugged Environments

UltraDeck temporary flooring is manufactured in the United States using a high-quality co-polymer plastic material that has a high izod impact value and specific no-break characteristics. A 5-year UV package is incorporated into the material formulation to prevent brittleness over time as a result of sun exposure. UltraDeck modular flooring, is resistant to the rigors of regular use and will not break, crack, fade or become brittle and can be used in all climates and conditions. Sections are durable, weather resistant and capable of withstanding extraordinary loads and stresses, including the weight of cars, trucks, and forklifts with pneumatic tires.

Flexible Floor Design

UltraDeck, event flooring, is completely expandable and configurable as required on-site. UltraDeck portable flooring connects on all sides in any direction using Signature System’s easy-to-use connection system. This interlocking design allows for rapid, seamless installation and removal with minimal labor and no equipment. Modules are designed to allow 90-degree rotation and still connect. Connector tabs are engineered with some flexure which prevents tab/connector breakage and to allows for rapid installation and breakdown.

Lowest Maintenance Medium-Duty Tent Flooring System Available

UltraDeck has an anti-slip sandblast finish that is low maintenance and easy to clean with a pressure washer. UltraDeck 2 is designed without submerged channels into which debris can be lodged and without any unsightly patterns to catch dirt.

Reduce Floor Gaps and Surface Distortion

The slightest variations in temperature causes plastic modular flooring products to expand and contract, creating dangerous gaps and distortion to the surface. Signature Systems’ patented Expansion Joint Technology is designed to compensate for thermal expansion and allows UltraDeck to contract and expand naturally without warping. The adjustable nature of the Expansion Joints can also be used to close small gaps that may occur when the tent widths and tile widths do not match without cutting the tiles to fit.

Create a Safer More Level Temporary Floor

UltraDeck has integrated bi-directional cable channels to create a safer more level floor. Easily run heavy-gauge power cables, wires and power cords to center poles, and other in-tent areas under the surface of the floor, reducing the trip hazard that wires present while also protecting them from damage. Remove individual UltraDeck sections to accommodate center poles, side poles, and guy ropes.

Smooth Transition Safety Edging

UltraDeck edging is available to create a smooth transition and finished look. The sloped ramps help to prevent tripping and allow easy access for carts, machinery, and wheelchairs and the ribbed surface prevents slipping.

Module Size: 12” W x 24” L X 1.25” H (30.48 cm X 60.96 cm X 2.85 cm). Ships in pre-assembled 3’ X 4’ panels.

Edging Size: 3-3/4” X 11-5/8” x 1-1/16” (9.5 cm x 29.5 cm x 1.0625 cm)

Module Weight: 2.88 lbs (1.306 kg) per tile – 1.44 lbs sq/ft (7.03 kg sq/meter)

Maximum Shipping Efficiency
40” x 48” Pallet: up to 816 sq/ft (75.8 m2)
463L Pallet (83” L x 103” W x 96” H Max): 3,312 sq/ft (307.7 m2)
20’ Ocean Container: 8,160 sq/ft (758.1 m2)
40’ Ocean Container: 16,320 sq/ft (1,516 m2)
Note: High cube container loads can be loaded with additional product.
48’ Truck: 19,684 sq/ft (1,828 m2)
53’ Truck: 21,216 sq/ft (1,971 m2)

Fire Rating: UL 94HB (Underwriters Laboratory Yellow Card Number) This test signifies that this product does not flare up when exposed to an open flame and has a slow burn rate of 2” per minute for a 2” wide, 0.5-millimeter thickness test sample.

ASTM 2859 (Flammability of Finished Texture Floor Covering Materials) – passed test * Testing reports available for fire ratings

Hot Wire Ignition Rating: 3

Melting Point: 324 Fahrenheit / 162 Celcius

Operating Range: -10° F – 150°F / -23.33° C – 65.56° C

Weight Loading: 20,000 lbs sq/ft static load, solid sub-surface. Varies depending on sub-surface.

*Signature System Group, LLC’s UltraDeck products are not in any way affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Menard, Inc. or any of Menard, Inc.’s affiliates or subsidiaries.

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