Strong Temporary Roadways and Platforms

SignaRoad® is the Most Versatile Medium-duty
Composite Mat in the Industry

SignaRoad® is designed to create a medium-duty temporary roadway or pedestrian accessway quickly and easily. From temporary roadways for remote utility repair projects to pedestrian accessways for concerts and music festivals, SignaRoad provides superior temporary access and ground protection for almost any vehicle, with advanced design features and an easy-to-use connection system.

Innovative Engineering for Strength and Durability in a Wide Range of Applications

SignaRoad is molded from of a scientifically formulated and tested proprietary blend of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and special impact modifiers to accommodate thermal expansion and UV resistance, along with anti-static properties and superior strength. SignaRoad, by Signature Systems Group, is manufactured in the United States using a unique process that ensures all plastic is completely melted then molded, preventing micro-fissures and inconsistencies. SignaRoad will not rot, degrade or warp.

Mat sections incorporate a weight-saving ribbed interior structure that provides tremendous weight-bearing capacity, while allowing for sections to be easily handled by a standard forklift. SignaRoad’s “Lock and Go” connection system is quick and easy.


Overlapping Flanges Make Installation Easy

SignaRoad composite mats include overlapping flanges on both sides that allow mats to connect to adjacent panels. Flanges are solid HDPE for added durability. Each flange incorporates a heavy radius design, providing additional strength and shear resistance.

Once nested into adjacent panels, the solid HDPE flange system provides rigidity and strength. SignaRoad mats can be configured to provide roadways that are straight and curved.

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"Lock and Go" Connection System

The proprietary molded cam locks and composite pins self-align the overlapping flange to tightly secure the mats and prevent mud from seeping up to the surface. The “lock and go” ultra-secure connection on SignaRoad panels is achieved with a simple twist of a standard hex key.

Versatile 2-sided Traction Pattern

Each mat is designed with two tread patterns: roadway and pedestrian walkway. This dual tread pattern allows for dual purpose, even on the same project at the same time. Both patterns are designed to function well with mud, sand, dirt, or other common onsite obstacles such as oil and grease.

This design has been tested hundreds of times in various conditions to ensure safety and slip resistance in even the most difficult environments.

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Protect the Environment and Prevent Cross Contamination

SignaRoad is an environmentally-friendly composite mat that will not absorb or retain harmful chemicals or invasive species and thus will not transfer contaminants to other jobsites or storage facilities.


The Signature Advantages

  • Heavy Weight-Bearing Capacity SignaRoad has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 400 psi / 57,600 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Non-Conductive SignaRoad composite materials are inert, providing a non-conductive safe working platform.
  • Ground Surface Preparation SignaRoad can be installed with little to no ground preparation over grass, gravel, sand, soil, concrete, asphalt, ice, snow, mud and other surfaces.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain SignaRoad mats are easy to maintain and clean, and the HDPE material will not absorb water or contaminants. Sections may be cleaned with a standard industrial-grade pressure washer.
  • Inventory Tracking All mats have unique serial numbers for inventory control and tracking. RFID chips are incorporated into the core of every mat during the manufacturing process.
  • Maximum Shipping Efficiency SignaRoad mats may be loaded into standard ISO containers and are specially designed to maximize volume in containers for overseas transport. Mats are easily loaded onto both flat bed and enclosed van trucks, allowing maximum flexibility in transport.
  • Better than Wood Unlike plywood, SignaRoad will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate, and contains no unsafe chemicals.
Actual Size6.8' (L) x 10' (W) x 2.5"
2 m (L) x 3 m (W) x 6.4 cm
Usable Platform6' (L) x 9.3' (W) x 2.5"
1.9 m (L) x 2.8 m (W) x 6.4 cm
Usable Roadway6' (L) x 10' (W) x 2.5"
1.9 m (L) x 3 m (W) x 6.4 cm
Weight432 lbs. (196 kg)
Weight Load400 lbs. sq./in.
Shipping Info90 mats per standard 40' shipping container or 53' truck

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Composite matting vs wood – what’s the difference?

    SignaRoad is more economical, distributes weight better, will not splinter/crack, will not absorb water or contaminants, is much stronger, and can be reused for many years. Learn more

  • What is SignaRoad’s weight capacity?

    SignaRoad can support weights up to 400 psi / 57,600 lbs per sq. ft. For its size and weight, SignaRoad is the most versatile mat on the market.

  • Where do I use SignaRoad?

    Install over any unstable or sensitive surface including muddy, wet, sandy, or grassy conditions.

  • Can I drive and turn on SignaRoad?

    Yes, move just about anything over SignaRoad mats, even heavy machinery, and the panels will not shift, drift or separate. Drive and turn most common vehicles and loads on SignaRoad, including tractor trailers, forklifts, lulls, backhoes, pick-up trucks and other heavy equipment. It is important to note that the weight that SignaRoad will effectively support can vary, depending on the subsurface, extraordinarily soft soil or mud will limit the weight of the load that is able to safely traverse the material.

  • Do I need equipment to install SignaRoad?

    Yes, each SignaRoad piece weighs 496 pounds and is typically installed using a forklift. SignaRoad securely connects using durable cam-locks.

  • How long will SignaRoad last?

    SignaRoad is extremely durable with a 12 to 15+ year life span; it can be cleaned and easily transported for multiple uses.

  • Can I use SignaRoad on either side?

    Yes, SignaRoad can be used on either side. One side incorporates a vehicular tread pattern while the other side incorporates a pedestrian tread pattern.

  • How many SignaRoad mats can be transported in a tractor trailer or a 40 ft ISO shipping container?

    U.S. standard truck - 90 mats
    40 ft ISO shipping container - 90 mats
    20 ft ISO shipping container - 45 mats

  • Is Signature Systems Group the manufacturer of SignaRoad?

    Yes. Signature Systems Group is the world's largest manufacturer of modular and temporary flooring systems in the world. Our SignaRoad systems are shipped directly from our factory and undergo rigorous quality checks. When you buy from Signature, you know you are buying directly from the manufacturing source. We encourage you to always look for the SignaRoad and Signature names when considering any type of modular flooring or matting system.

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