Heavy-duty Natural and Synthetic Turf Protection and Portable Roadway


Heavy-duty Natural and Synthetic Turf Protection and Portable Roadway

ArmorDeck® (AD) is Signature’s premium natural and synthetic turf stadium floor covering system. It is designed to handle heavy loads and to provide the ultimate in stability and ground protection. It is the most advanced engineered stadium flooring system on the market today and offers superior surface protection for all types of grass surfaces and infill.

ArmorDeck is a large panel system that features an integrated connection system, an optional turf pad system, a durable zinc-plated steel cam lock system, and unsurpassed liquid spill protection. Each section has a useable surface area of 42″ x 42″ and is 2″ thick (1.06m x 1.06m x 5.08cm) that provides maximum rigidity and surface protection. Traverse forklifts, lulls, trucks and other equipment on ArmorDeck and connect versions to each other for a seamless floor.  With fast installation and dismantle times, easy cleanup and reuse for many years, Signature’s turf protection provides a significant return on investment.

The Ultimate Stadium Flooring System

Unlock the income-generating potential of your stadium with world-class turf protection matting that allows you to host a wide range of specialty events. ArmorDeck is available in three versions, each providing a specific solution and can be combined for the ultimate integrated special event flooring system. For example, it is possible to combine ArmorDeck 3, with bottom protection layer, with ArmorDeck 1, with aeration holes, to create a uniform, fully connected floor for all event areas.

ArmorDeck 1

Ideal for natural turf and grass protection Includes drainage holes

ArmorDeck 2

Ideal for synthetic turf protection Smooth surface without drainage holes

ArmorDeck 3

Ideal for heavy-duty weight and traffic Solid bottom panel
  ArmorDeck 3 features an additional reinforcing panel welded to the bottom of an ArmorDeck 2 panel to provide a significant increase in strength and allow much heavier vehicles to traverse the completed surface.
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