The Project: Transformation of practice field into multipurpose center

The Location: Englewood, CO

The Challenge: Upcoming charity gala that would require a protective surface for their artificial turf field

The Need:

  • Vehicle and pedestrian support required
  • Fast deployment and removal
  • Lightweight

The Solution: ArmorDeck® 1 & 3

With their upcoming Health & Wellness Expo requiring a larger space, the center needed a way to use their practice field as an expanded multipurpose space. The Denver Broncos wanted an event flooring system that could balance the high demands of their facility while keeping the bottom-line in sight.

Since the facility features both natural and artificial turf, any stadium protection system would need to protect both surfaces but still be able to carry regular pedestrian traffic and feature drivable sections for heavy vehicles. ArmorDeck® 1 was selected for pedestrian support. The translucent-white system features drainage holes and air channels to allow light, air, and water to reach natural turf with minimal surface contact. ArmorDeck® 3 is implemented for the limited drivable surface areas needed to move heavier equipment around the field.

Because both the heavy-duty ArmorDeck® 3 and pedestrian-grade ArmorDeck® systems connect seamlessly, the organization’s decision was an easy one. The Broncos can use both systems during concerts, for heavy-duty, back-of-house applications, seating and walkway areas. When the Broncos aren’t practicing in their new facility, you can usually find ArmorDeck® in use for all their events.


“After a thorough review of all options available, we made the decision to select ArmorDeck® by Signature Systems Group. Not only was it the fastest installing product,but it protected our playing surfaces the best and has been great for the attendees of our events. Without hesitation, I can say we made a terrific choice with ArmorDeck®. The quality of their people and products is simply first class.” – Brooks Dodson, Director of Sports Turf & Grounds