Transform Your Field from Game to Show Time

Increase the versatility of your stadium property and increase revenues by hosting more concerts and other large-scale events without damaging your turf. Signature’s turf protection systems are simple to install and can be deployed and removed quickly enough to have a small concert in the morning and be ready for a game on the field that evening.

All of our stadium flooring systems are interlocking, modular, expandable, and allow for unique configurations and customized layouts. Signature’s versatile flooring support heavy vehicles, stages, and pedestrian traffic and can be used for multiple applications including heavy-duty, back-of-house support and seating.

Signature Advantages

  • Easy connection system allows for rapid installation
  • Supports heavy-weights, protects sub-surfaces
  • Overlapping tiles provide the ultimate in surface protection
  • Reuse for many years, significant return on investment
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
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