The Project: Drivable reusable stadium turf protection suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic

The Location: Frisco, TX

The Challenge: Immediate use for indoor track-meet followed by James Taylor concert

The Need:

  • All drivable surface
  • Rapid setup and removal
  • Light gray color
  • True multipurpose event center
  • Reusable Surface

The Solution: ArmorDeck® 3

When the Dallas Cowboys organization opened the Ford Center on their 91-acre campus that hosts its world headquarters, they knew the spotlight would be white hot. The dazzling indoor football stadium not only plays host to “America’s team” as its primary practice venue, it also hosts a variety of concerts, athletic contests, and events that keeps the Cowboys staff busy 365 days a year.

Part of the requirement would necessitate rapid daily deployments. According to Rob Van Wart, Director of Sales at Signature Systems Group, “The Center wanted a facility that can be used every day with a fully driv-able surface to protect the artificial turf underneath. ArmorDeck® helps accomplish this regularly.” In fact, the initial deployment was rolled out for a track meet in the center and immediately followed by a concert starring James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt.

For the Cowboys, the choice was clear, Signature offered the only system in the world that they could depend on to perform under pressure. The ArmorDeck® system also proved to be incredibly efficient for storing and transporting between events, stacking neatly and cleanly. Installing over 10,000 ft2 per hour, and with an almost unlimited-load capacity, the Ford Center can now be an event destination major.

We recognize what an iconic brand the Dallas Cowboys represents. Their search for the best product in the world started and ended with ArmorDeck. It’s something here at Signature that we are proud to be a part of for years to come. – Rob Van Wart, Director of Sales