Super Heavy-Duty Grass Protection


Super Heavy-Duty Grass Protection

DuraDeck® is engineered for heavy-duty on-field activity and is designed to take grass protection to the next level. Use DuraDeck panels for portable roadways, accessways, or working platforms for concert move-ins, backstage areas, stadium construction projects, and to protect end zones, tracks, baseball diamonds, golf courses and other sensitive natural and synthetic surfaces.

DuraDeck is engineered to support the rigorous traffic associated with exhibit set up, exhibitor vehicles, and heavy displays.  With fast installation and dismantle times, easy cleanup and reuse for many years, Signature’s stadium flooring provides a significant return on investment.

The Ultimate Turf Protection Systems

DuraDeck ground protection is available with multiple surface patterns, DuraDeck 1 (DD1) and DuraDeck 2 (DD2).


For vehicles DuraDeck 1 (DD1) panels feature a molded rugged traction pattern on both sides, ideal for concert load-in areas and stadium landscaping and construction projects. DuraDeck mats are designed to support up to 80 tons (72.5 metric tonnes) vehicle weights and will both stay rigid enough for ground protection and flexible enough to prevent breakage or brittleness. From large forklifts and generators to heavy staging and 18-wheel trucks, DuraDeck is designed to handle the heavy weights associated with concerts and large-scale event productions.


For pedestrians/vehicles DuraDeck 2 (DD2) panels for front-of-house concert applications feature a pedestrian-friendly traction surface. Standard panel size is 4ft x 8ft (2.44 m x 1.22 m) nd both are available in a range of sizes. DuraDeck is an easy to deploy 4ft x 8ft panel (more sizes available) manufactured from solid high density polyethylene. It has an integrated connection system that connects in all directions and can handle the tremendous torque of turning equipment.
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