Light-Duty Turf Protection System


Light-Duty Turf Protection System

EventDeck® is designed for natural and synthetic turf pedestrian areas and where lightweight static equipment will be used. EventDeck is Signature’s most economical rigid flooring option. EventDeck® temporary flooring and pathway system provides access, surface protection, and decorative enhancement for special events and other functions.

Signature’s lightweight indoor/outdoor modular flooring system is designed to provide a rigid, dry, support base for tables, chairs, and other equipment in addition to being used as natural and synthetic turf protection. EventDeck is the perfect alternative to costly built up wooden floors, staging, and decking for special events like festivals. With fast installation and dismantle times, easy cleanup and reuse for many years, Signature’s stadium flooring provides a significant return on investment.

The Ultimate Turf Protection System

Unlock the income-generating potential of your stadium with world-class turf protection matting that allows you to host a wide range of outdoor specialty events. EventDeck is available in two different models, EventDeck 1 and EventDeck 2 for natural and synthetic turf.

EventDeck 1

Aeration holes protect & nurture natural turf EventDeck 1 (ED1) may be used to protect Bluegrass, Rye, Bermuda Grass, most warm and cold weather grass varieties, and has been used extensively in all climate conditions. Each ED1 module incorporates drainage, air ventilation, a moisture canopy, and bi-lateral cross ribbing for effective weight distribution. From high schools to colleges and professional stadiums, EventDeck is a budget-friendly option that provides superior protection for natural grass fields.

EventDeck 2

Smooth top is ideal for synthetic turf EventDeck 2 (ED2) is designed specifically for both mono and duo-filament synthetic turf and offers a greater level of protection against debris, liquids and dirt. ED2 may also be used to protect sand and rubber in-fill fields. EventDeck is used on all types of synthetic turf from multiple manufacturers including FieldTurf, Sportexe and Astroturf. ED2 is designed to minimize wear, surface abrasion, surface compaction, and contamination of the turf. Underside channels are contoured to eliminate sharp edges.
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