Natural Turf Protection

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Increase the versatility of your stadium property and increase revenues by hosting more major sporting events, concerts, special olympics, graduations, trade shows, and other large corporate events without damaging your natural turf. Signature’s stadium flooring prevents many of the issues associated with hosting events on-field over natural turf such as, wear and damage to the leaf tissues, soil compaction and excessive moisture build up.

Signature Systems is a worldwide expert in protecting natural turf and converting facilities into true multi-purpose venues. Our experts can help you select the most versatile and profitable systems for your stadium.

Signature Advantages

  • Minimize turf contact
  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Prevent excessive moisture build up
  • Fast installation, reduced labor costs
  • Reuse for many years, significant return on investment

Prevent many of the issues associated with hosting large on-field events with Signature’s stadium flooring.

Minimize surface contact and wear

Any traffic over natural turf will cause a level of wear. Even simple pedestrian traffic can cause this type of damage. Wear symptoms include flattening of leaf tissue and the possible exposure of the thatch below. Continued traffic will cause leaf blades to bruise. Grass cells rupture and these cells will eventually turn dark and appear water-soaked. Wilt sets in as water is lost from the leaves, eventually causing a loss of chlorophyll and ultimately cell death. Signature’s turf protection minimizes pressure on leaf tissue and blades by effectively distributing weight while minimizing surface contact.

Reduce soil compaction

Soil compaction caused by heavy pedestrian traffic, chairs, and all types of equipment reduces the shoot growth rate and the recuperative capabilities of turf grass. All compaction reduces air and water porosity within the soil as well as the movement of water through the soil profile. Soil compaction will impact turf growth for several weeks or months, resulting in the total loss of turf cover, chronic poor drainage issues, and the possible invasion of weeds that prefer compacted soil conditions.

Prevent excessive moisture buildup

Soil type and moisture levels also affect turf’s ability to handle wear stress during on-field events. Turf-grass growing on sandy soils and some clay soils is more prone to wear injury. When traffic is imposed over very wet soils compaction is greatest. In addition to loosening the area around roots and thatch and weakening soil stabilization characteristics of a playing field surface, moisture can create a wet grass condition that becomes slip hazard for attendees. Signature’s turf protection system incorporates aeration characteristics that prevents excessive moisture buildup and allows for ventilation.

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