Synthetic Turf Protection

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Increase the versatility of your stadium property and increase revenues by hosting more major sporting events, concerts, special olympics, graduations, trade shows, and other large corporate events without damaging your synthetic turf. Signature’s stadium flooring prevents many of the issues associated with hosting events on-field over synthetic turf.

Signature Systems is a worldwide expert in protecting synthetic turf and converting facilities into true multi-purpose venues. Our experts can help you select the most versatile and profitable systems for your stadium so you can use your field to host more events.

Signature Advantages

  • Prevent turf disengagement and stretching
  • Prevent infill shifting and displacement
  • Prevent damage to turf and drainage systems
  • Prevent infill contamination
  • Fast installation, reduced labor costs
  • Reuse for many years, significant return on investment

Prevent many of the issues associated with hosting large on-field events with Signature’s stadium flooring.

Turf disengagement and stretching

Large crowds, moving in the same direction can cause entire sections of turf to disengage from the base material, bunch, and shift. This movement can also cause seams, which are the natural weak spot of the turf, to open up between rolls and can stretch the substrate nylon mesh material and cause it to slacken, creating uneven patches of turf with greater spacing between blades.

Infill shifting and displacement

Regular non-sports movement by large groups of people over a synthetic turf field can shift infill material and create areas with greater or lesser density and thickness of infill. This creates an uneven playing surface with variations in shock absorption and height that can be distracting and dangerous.

Infill contamination

Cigarettes, tissues, flyers, food, and other debris will settle into the turf and infill where it can rot, decompose, and become generally unsanitary and unsightly. A large number of people, coming in street shoes onto the field inevitably introduce bacteria and other contaminants from the street, such as grease, oil and cleaning solvents.

Damage to turf filaments

Unlike real grass, the “blades” of grass in synthetic turf cannot regenerate or grow. Pedestrian traffic can cause tearing, abrasion, cutting, and general wear of the mono- or duo-filament material that forms the basis of your field’s “grass.”

Damage to drainage systems

The additional weight and movement of pedestrians and equipment could damage under-field drainage systems, which is a very difficult thing to locate and fix.

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