Signature Systems Group leads by example when it comes to being a good global citizen. Our material sourcing policies, modes of production, employment practices, and facility management are held to the highest standards for ethics and sustainability. We are constantly searching for ways to enhance our environmental impact and become better humanitarians.

Our Green Philosophy

Not only do we adopt a strong Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle approach in all of our sites worldwide, but we use the latest technologies for energy-efficient manufacturing processes and sustainability. Our post-industrial waste is re-ground and recycled on site.

Our Green Products

Signature Systems Group provides a full catalog of green products that minimize the environmental impact of ground protection and flooring systems, while satisfying growing consumer needs for eco-friendly systems. Our composite matting materials are long-lasting, recyclable, and manufactured with recycled materials. Our sports and event flooring products are recyclable and contain as much recycled content as possible. Our wood gym floors are sourced from PEFC certified solid European press-dried beech, harvested using a select-cut technique that targets individual trees rather than entire forests with a 100 percent reforestation policy.

Composite vs. Wood

Not only are composite mats strong, durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain, but they are sourced from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) instead of killing trees and using wood a limited number of times.

Signature’s products eliminate the possible transmission of parasites, chemicals, mold, debris and are easy to clean. They can bear a weight load many times that of wood, won’t splinter under intense pressure, and the HDPE composition provides superior flexibility to conform to ground conditions without breaking.

These properties give Signature’s composite mats a life span many times that of wood-based systems, making them more cost-efficient in the long-term. A superior product that also conserves one of the planet’s most precious resources makes Signature composite mats and flooring systems an unbeatable combination.

See the comparison

MegaDeck HD is easy to align and configure in a variety of layouts and will not drift or separate like traditional wood mats.

Plywood warps when wet and loses strength over time, creating safety hazards and property damage.

Our Commitment to Quality

Signature Systems Group products are made in America to the highest standards of quality, with fair working conditions and environmentally responsible production. Quality is the backbone of our company and we believe in supporting local economies by providing communities with better options for their building projects to create a safe, healthy and beautiful environment.

Consistent product quality is the foundation of manufacturing operations at Signature Systems Group.